First Church of the Nazarene
Wednesday, December 11, 2019



     Early in the year of 1946, Rev.Milton L. Turney began meeting with a small group of people in various homes. On June 9, 1946, Dr. L.T. Wells, District Superintendent of the Kentucky District,organized the First Church of the Nazarene in Mayfield, Kentucky, with Rev. Milton L. Turney as pastor and seven other charter members.  Those joining were:  Geneva West, Mildred Martin, Mrs. Tina Mae Turney, Ida Pick, Rawliegh Fleming, Oma Reed, and Lula Auzment.  The church services were held in the Merit Club House.

     On August 10, 1946, the church purchased a lot on the corner of 7th and College Street. In November, 1946, Rev. D. E. Givens was called as the new pastor.  In December of that year the board met and voted to start paying the pastor a salary of $15.00 per week.  Under the leadership of Rev. Givens, the church began construction in April of 1947, and by November of that year, a basement structure was ready for use.                                                   

      Rev. T. E. Jones    1948 - 1959

     In August, 1948, Rev. T. E. Jones was called as pastor. Rev. Jones served as pastor until September of 1959.  Under his leadership, construction was begun on the superstructure of the church in April 1953.  The completed structure was dedicated by Dr. L. T. Wells on January 31, 1954.  In 1959, the church purchased the property and house at 812 Mason Street to be the parsonage.




                                                Seventh and College Street         1954 - 1981                         


                                                                       Easter Sunday   1966

     In September of 1959, Rev. Paul Herrel was called to be the pastor. He pastored until May, 1961.  In June 1961, Rev. Al Farris was called to be the pastor and he served until July 22, 1962.    In August 1962, Rev. Bob Madison was called to be pastor.  Under his ministry, the mortgage on the church was paid in full and a mortgage burning ceremony was held on October 25, 1964.  Rev. Madison served until August 1965.    In September 1965, Rev. Ronald Wesley was called to be pastor and served until July 1967.    In July 1967, Rev. Martin Stepp was called to pastor the church and served until September 1972. 


      Rev. & Mrs. Bob Madison                       Rev. Ron Wesley                                      Rev. & Mrs. Martin Stepp  

     In October 1972, the Church voted to purchase the Gulf Oil Station and adjoining lot to use as as activity center and for additional parking space.   In November 1972,  Rev. Eugene Figge was called as pastor.  Under his leadership, many improvements were made on the church and parsonage.  Also during this time the teens were the Kentucky District Bible Quizzing champions in 1975 and 1976.  In 1979, the Church sold its property at 7th and College, acquiring 9.5 acres  of property on West Broadway.  On August 17, 1980 a ground breaking ceremony was held for a new church building and parsonage.  In October 1980, construction began.  The parsonage was dedicated on April 19, 1981.  The first service at 1200 West Broadway was held on September 27, 1981.  A dedication service for the building was held on Sunday, November 1, 1981, led by Dr. Orville Jenkins, General Superintendent, and Rev. Aleck Ulmet, District Superintendent.  During 1981, the congregation  raised $5,000.00 to help build a church in Haiti on a work and witness trip.  This was to be a "thank you" to God for the new Church in Mayfield.   During the week of July 6 - 15,  a team from Mayfield that included Rev. Figge, Virginia Roberts, Mike Roberts, and Sharps Crislip went to Haiti to work on that church.  Rev. Figge continued to serve as pastor until October 1983.


Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Figge                                      Ground Breaking Ceremony   August 17, 1980

    In December 1983, Rev. Robert Cantrell was called as pastor.  During his pastorate, in May, 1986,  Mildred Martin a wonderful Christian lady and the last of the church's charter members passed away.   Rev. Cantrell continued to serve as pastor until November 1987.    In January 1988, Rev. Donnie Browning was called as pastor and he served until July 1989.   In April 1990, Dr. S. Oren Woodward was called as pastor. Under his leadership many improvements were made on the church, parsonage, and property.   City-wide camp meetings were held. Dr. Woodward served as pastor until May 1994.   Dr. Oren and Faye currently live in Berne, Indiana. 


Rev. & Mrs. Robert Cantrell                Rev. & Mrs. Donnie Browning                      Rev. & Mrs. Oren Woodward

     In November 1994, Dr. Michael Taylor was called as pastor.  He served until October 1998.  During his pastorate, the church celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a special service on June 2, 1996.  Dr. Don Owens, General Superintendent was the guest speaker and Dr. Lowell Clyburn, District Superintendent also assisted in the service.  Many former pastors attended that day and were honored. Longtime member Linda Lamb was presented with a Distinguished Service Award. After the service, a dinner in the fellowship hall was followed by an afternoon concert to conclude the exciting day.   After Dr. Taylor left in October 1998, the church board called Rev. Robert Cantrell to return for his second term as pastor. He returned in November 1998 and served as pastor until his retirement in June 2007.  A special retirement service was held to honor the Cantrells for their years of service to the denomination. Several members of former congregations attended as well as many family members.  The Mayfield Church presented the Cantrells with a computer and a riding lawn mower as retirement gifts. During his pastorate, the church added an outdoor picnic pavilion behind the church as well as improvements to the parsonage including a new roof.  The children's Bible quizzing teams during this time were very strong, winning the Kentucky District championship in 2001 and 2002.  The church celebrated its 60th Anniversary in June 2006 during his leadership. A special service was held with Dr. Curtis Lewis, District Superintendent, as the guest speaker.  The first "Walk Through Bethlehem" was started in 2006 as a great success.  Robert and Lois Cantrell live in Mayfield and still attend the Mayfield Church.


Dr. & Mrs. Michael Taylor & Family                                              Linda Lamb receives DSA from Dr. Clyburn  


   In July 2007,  Rev. Stephen Melvin was called to be the next pastor.  Rev. Melvin was well known to the Mayfield congregation as he had held the VBS services at the Church for several years.  Rev. Steve and Shawn's first Sunday was September 2, 2007. He has overseen several improvements to the Church property, including remodeling the nursery and the construction of a storage garage behind the parsonage.  The Wednesday night program, FOCUS, is a new, exciting format that has shown early success since beginning in January 2008.                                                                                                                                                                                                            


                                                                                                 Rev. & Mrs. Stephen Melvin


      Mayfield First Church of the Nazarene has been and continues to be a church that seeks to touch lives in her community and beyond.  Sinners are converted, believers sanctified wholly, and her members called into full time Christian service.  She has witnessed the joy of believers baptized and the unity of believers around the Lord's table.  The Holy Spirit has blessed her revivals and camp meetings.  She has been through conflict and peace.  She has experienced plenty and want, joy and sadness.  Numerous building projects have served to enhance her ministry to members and to the community. Through all of her experiences the Lord has been with her.  

     The Lord has blessed those who have come alongside this community of faith.  Pastors preach the Word.  Sunday School teachers and other volunteers nurture babies, children, youth, and adults.  Men and women are discipled in the Christian faith and discover their gifts for ministry.  We grow.  We joyfully give ourselves and our means to the great commission.   We worship together, pray together, sing together, fellowship together, play volleyball together, and of course, eat together!  The people of this community of faith are the church.

     We praise the Lord for all the pastors, interim pastors, and laypersons who pioneered and faithfully continued a holiness presence in Mayfield, Kentucky.  They are our examples.  We praise the Lord for the Church of the Nazarene whose name we bear.  We believe in the mission of the denomination and are thankful for their continued support.  Above all we praise our Lord who continues to mold and to guide this community of faith in becoming a part of the glorious Church without a spot or wrinkle!



          1200 West Broadway                                          1202 West Broadway